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August '19

Goodness! August has arrived. They say it is the first day of Spring, but I don’t think so, yet!!

AHS vaccinations done to 7 horses and paid for. Thank You for your understanding that we no longer get vaccine free of charge!

Yes, we all know that most often, unless very long lived, we are left behind with aching hearts, because our pets will indubitably pass over the Rainbow Bridge before us. So, we were devastated to hear that our favourite favourite LA FABULOUS had finally departed. We had been asked to check on his condition on more than one occasion and all was fine or as fine as it could be at 28 years of age. It was painful for me because I was there the night that he was born, before he went on to have a stunning racing career. Really glum for us. Thankfully he just dropped like a stone and did not have a difficult passing and with no Difficult Decisions having to be made. Really lots of very precious memories! Stanley and the grooms assisted with the removal of his carcass. Generous donation received.

A request made for Stanley to come and assist with a reluctant horse that refused to be loaded. Poor Stanley did not win either! Donation received for work done.

Then another 9 AHS vaccinations done also paid for.

One of the township donkeys died and we were requested to collect the carcass. On checking with our SAPS contact, we were unable to due to riots in that township, way too dangerous for our staff and vehicles. The carcass was collected once the riots were subdued. Thank You W/O Willem for the ‘heads up’!

We returned a township donkey to Ryno, now good and sound.

Our Cartie from Walmer township had been searching like crazy for one of his donkeys to no avail. However the residents of Schoenmakerskop suddenly found they had a new Villager, and when Carla and Jess went to see if they could identify the donkey it was apparent that is was Jacksons. He tried to make himself as small as possible in the vain hope that he would not be seen as the Villagers had spoilt him rotten over the weekend, feeding him copious carrots and other vegetables. Thank you to the Villagers for keeping him safe and not chasing him away. He was probably wondering how he managed to miss the AWS gate! Retrieved and now back safely with his owner in Walmer township.

At lunchtime one day, at the 10th Avenue robots, I was surprised to see a donkey over the road in the trees. Carla and Jessie were summoned and along they came with the horsebox and loaded them and admitted them to the Unit. Owner identified.

Our BULLRUN arrived safe and sound in his new home and has settled in well.

The Hankey Primary Health Clinic went off well for Carla and Jessie, even though the numbers of carts and Carties with their donkeys had swelled quite substantially from 5 to 20 donkeys. Well done, Mrs Rheeders, Carla and Jessie.

A donkey that had come in for treatment returned to his owner.


Our donkeys, Dexter and Angelo were fostered out.

We were very happy when we received a call from Jaco who works in Humansdorp, to say that he had cornered the stray horse in the Auction Stock Yard and could we please come and fetch her. Finally, after 6 months of trying without success to catch her. She had been signed over to the Unit by the owner who also was unable to catch her. SO, ALL the staff high tailed it to Humansdorp where she loaded like lamb. On admitting to the Unit, she was dewormed as per vet instruction and now the hard task of getting her in hand commences. Poor girlie, 30+ years old, no back or top teeth. Going to need different feed and gentling ongoing.

Then we were invited to lunch at Fairview Racecourse by Jeanine of East Coast Eventing. Stan, Carla and Megan attended and enjoyed a good afternoon. Thank You!

We were sad to hear that JAMTIN, having sustained a grievous wound, had been euthanased. RIP

Another 6 AHS vaccinations done.

A Complaint about 4 donkeys at the Swartkops river Village. As we have 4 donkeys in that area, they could only belong to one owner who is finding that donkeys in townships are difficult, especially when neighbours undo the ropes that keep them in one area. Collected and admitted to the Unit for a holiday. We have received an offer of a temporary home on a farm so this will be for them.

Then a problem. Just one that turned into three! A preggy Jenny in Langa, Uitenhage, had been colicking for 3 days. Stanley did the honours of fetching her and taking her directly to 9th Avenue for assessment and/or treatment. A rectal by Dr Hilda indicated a hard object, unmovable. She asked Stanley to try and get it out with his strong hands. He did. Looked like a very hard piece of leather. On returning to the Unit, the jenny foaled down, but probably because of 3 days in pain, the foal was very depressed and died soon after birth. Dr Hilda indicated that the foal was probably not ready to be born yet. Also a problem with a retained placenta!

And then a Complaint about theft on a farm of poles and with a donkey cart. On arrival Carla allowed one of the donkeys to go home but the other donkey needed a rest, quite visibly, so he was admitted to the Unit. The cart was returned to the owner in the township on the bakkie.

Not to be outdone, one of our Thoroughbreds decided to sustain a cut/scrape on his shoulder!

So after all the busyness on the weekend, Monday started off with two geldings: one recumbent donkey because Vets find it difficult to do it standing because donkeys are ‘short’, followed by a pony getting a standing gelding. Both geldings paid for. Returned home to the anxious parents a few days later.

Followed by yet more AHS vaccinations.

Our Staff picked up that our FACE OF AN ANGEL was not eating well and was showing neurological symptoms. Subsequently she died overnight despite treatment. Blood Test Results indicate a severe type of Biliary, which indicated that mortality was compromised. SO, even though we do our best to eradicate ticks. But clearly we did not kill this particular tick. RIP

A horse owner, having been referred to us by Equifeeds, phoned to ask for assistance with her old horse, old and underweight and condition questionable. Carla attended to the complaint and had a good discussion with the owner. Calling a Vet to attend to the horse was our only option. We will be keeping an eye on the situation, but clearly it is not going to be resolved without tears.

A very generous donation by Derrick saw us collecting 45 bales of fodder from the Coega Harbour. A nice way to end the month.

On the last day of August, the DA Ward Councillor came to bring the Unit the items they had requested on facebook. What a wonderful surprise. We all know that you can NEVER have enough feed! Thank You most sincerely!

Well, that was quite a bumpy month!


Cassie our Johannesburg supporter who regularly puts money into our Bank Account. Thank You, Cassie!

John – Donated 15kg Epson Salts

Kiara – Donated tack

Eugene – Donated auction items

Anne - Bread via 9th Avenue

Robin - donated tack plus 2 saddles to unit

Ash – donated condition cubes

Anon donation – I bale lucerne

Amy – Donated girth

Volunteers – Calista and Lee Ann

Volunteers – Angie grooming, Lara, groomed and took out a horse or two, Calista, Teneil, and Lara, Amy and Lee Anne, Eugene.




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