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July '19

A visitation by the Youth Development Agents wanting harnessing (for which they paid!) for two donkeys pulling a new cart at the Grahamstown Festival! The ‘kids’ looked great in their new clothes. At the same time, Stanley was requested to visit Grahamstown the next day to fit the clothes and check that all was ‘right’. He went. It was good!

A previous Complaint asked for her ponies to be vaccinated For AHS and dewormed and paid for it!! All ponies looking vastly improved and no ticks either!!

Our AZUZA left for her new home and landed safely. New parent father very chuffed with her.

A bit of diversion now. We have to say a BIG THANK YOU to Tracy Poshpaws for her very valuable support with running the Auction Page, which ‘job’ she elected to do and has great fun doing it. You are a star, Tracey. And having said our thank you’s Carla assisted with distributing some of the ‘goodies’ for collection.

Our Rhoda brought pies and biscuits and Coke for all the staff. Received with glee by all. Thank you, Rhoda! At the same time she received her Tax Certificate for her generous monthly donations to the Unit over the past year.

A lady visited to ask about a contract for her horse as she was leaving South Africa and she wanted to ensure that her horse would be safe and in a happy home. We assisted as we know how important it is to get things done right before the move and for the horse, the most important.

A very generous donation from East Cape Showing was received being proceeds from their fund raiser. We are so Happy Kadappy that the riders had a good time while raising the funds. Thank You ALL.

Carla, Jessica and Tom revisited Hankey and were surprised to see another one new Cartie. In total 18 donkeys affected by our Clinic. Replaced old harnessing with new and bits also replaced and the old ones taken out of circulation. Thomas from the local Spar provided refreshments. Thank you! Roll on August Primary Health Care Day in Hankey.

A Pre Home Check done by Carla. Although the owners had just moved in and were busy with knocking the property into shape, they will phone when renovations are complete for a recheck before getting the delivery of their equines.

A Complaint about three horses out on the Seaview Road. As we all know horses and donkeys don’t stand around waiting to be ‘rescued’, so by the time Carla got there, they had been taken off the road already. Well done and thank you Lisa for getting them behind a fence and off the road!!

 A concerned Lusaka donkey owner who had sent her donkey in for treatment, phoned to find out how he was doing and was assured that it would take another week before he would be returned to her.

A potential adoptor of two donkeys phoned in.

The owner of a donkey orphan was paid for his foal and therefore the donkey is Available for Adoption. He was also given Tick Grease for his remaining donkeys at his request.

AHS Vaccinations ongoing. All contributing to the cost for their muti and diesel for which we are most grateful!

And then. A generous donation of 2 pallets of carrots. As it was a giant donation, the horsebox was used for the collection from the PE Market. A Big Thank You to Ralston for his donation. The kids are loving it!

Three Racehorses now finished with their race career were collected and admitted to the Unit. Available for Adoption.

A sad story about our Cadette who had been colicking on an ongoing basis. Probably because he had not had regular deworming from his township owner or maybe ulcers. So the decision was made to euthanase. Sad, but glad that he had good attention and loving since his collection from Pellsrus and now safe on the ‘other side’.

Our precious BULLRUN has been returned from the previous adoptor but was adopted out chop chop to a new knowledgeable and loving home. I remember when I confiscated him the dreadful condition he was in, and once he had settled down in the herd, he was just such a sweetie. Happy for you, boykie! You made it!!

An adoptive mommy phoned in a tizz, her donkey had lost his front teeth!! Yes, we all know that equines lose their teeth and get new adult ones but as she is new to this world, she did not know about it.

Our Stanley had been invited to attend the Dundee July in KZN Natal. Sleeping arrangements and food all paid for by the Natal Racing Community. So off he went into the far blue yonder with great trepidation and his phone on GPS mode. He spent the day with Coastal Horse Care Unit in Dundee at the Race, and when he left having been subjected to the painful toll roads and costs, he visited his ‘customers’ in Transkei on the way back. He found the majority of horses at the Dundee July in good condition and the owners very respectful and sucking up knowledge like sponges. Well done, Coastal!

On his way home through the Transkei, he did a mass deworming of 63 horses and a further 18 for hoofwork. He slept like a log on getting home, but WELL DONE, STANLEY for assisting Coastal Horse Care Unit with their very well attended and by now, famous, horse race. If you don’t do the ‘hard yards’, owners will never get it right for their equines. Some of the donated cubes were also delivered.


A donkey from Langa, Uitenhage, was collected at the request of his owner because he could not get up and the owner was of the opinion that he had been hit by a vehicle. Absolutely no reaction to pinching his legs, so the decision was made to the owner and he agreed to euthanasia.

Another Cartie in the northern PE area asked for his donkey to be collected because it was lame. Admitted for hoofwork and poulticing.


And then Protea Childrens Home had their donkey escape and they could not fetch it. Jessica went off to collect but by the time she got there, the donkey had already been found and taken back to his home


Our Mandela Day was brightened by an extremely welcome donation from Gauteng of 900 bales of Teff arranged by Dorrie and Mark Sham. We thank John Finlayson of Rite Aid, Fred Crabbia of Mining Pressure Systems, The Stonebridge Family, Rod Mattheyse, New Turf Carriers, Shamfam Shavings, Emma, Ian Levitan of IL Services, Laurence Wernars of Triple 8 Clothing, Alan Demby and Len Sham of SA Gold Coin Exchange and Ken and Cindy Hall of Copperdog.


We are well and truly blessed! We are SO grateful and thankful to all the donors for their contribution towards the cost of the fodder.


Carla and Jessica returned a stabbed donkey to his owner in Lusaka but brought back a donkey that had been attacked by dogs. Treatment ongoing.

Occasionally we are put in the invidious position of settling complaints by one person against another. I think that little disagreement is now over and done with. I hope!

We have had three deaths this past month. One being Traci Vink and the other a long time friend, Shirley Niven as well as Peter Barnard. We commiserate with those who have lost their beloved friends and family but thank the families for donating tack. It’s the one sure thing about life! Death comes to us all but leaves a giant hole in your heart. Traci often used to raise funds for the Unit and I am sure she will be missed, animals being her core task in life.

Stanley was invited to come and assist with vaccinations which he did on his return from the latest Transkei and Dundee July visits. Generous donation received for work done.

LIGHT AS A FEATHER aka Feather has become one of the chosen to find her new home today. Yesssss! Go well!


Karen – donated a saddle

James – donated 5 giant bags of carrots

Anne – tack

Cassie – money into bank account

Anonymous - donated bales of Lucerne

Lynn – bales of Lucerne

Janine – tack donation.

Di – tack donation

Ashleigh – donated 5 bales of lucerne for Madiba Day.

THE CAT BOX – donated 100 bags of Spurwing cubes!! yeehaa

Treloar – donated R250 for Madiba day

Jemina – tack donation

Niven family – tack donation

Volunteers – Rebecca and Trishka, groomed and cleaned tack, Leeanne , Amy and Angie, Rebecca , groomed horses and rode one, Angie and Eugene, Dylan groomed, cut carrots, clean tack, swept, and Eugene and Angie, and Calista.


Well that’s it for the moment but I am sure something will surface soon! I certainly am hoping for more rain, although it seems that Winter is on its way out. Enjoy!




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