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June '19

It might seem trite to some that we celebrate our ‘birthday’, but it is important for us to know that we are, as Stanley says, useful. So it was lovely to have friends visit bringing all sorts of gifts and to come for a cuppa coffee and some Famous Fenix Carrot Cake and other goodies brought by others! Donations from Dr Charles, Charmane, Nadine, Lee Anne, Eugene and Mandy, Katelands and Heather and Liz and Angie. Thank you all so much for celebrating with us and for the monetary gifts received – at the last count R7,000 that was banked in the Unit Account! Enough for our next two purchases of Grassmix! And thank you too for the nice messages on Facebook. Mwah!

Oops! I forgot Moses’ donkey also arrived but he only got carrots, no carrot cake!

Our TORTOLA was fostered out the very next day, so double happiness.

And Dr Mwambo from AWS vaccinated and dewormed our two cats as well. AWS are good like that! Thank You!

The day after was a Dogwalk for Donkeys arranged by Traci Vink at The Grass Roof. So bags and bags and bags of carrots and apples delivered by Nicky for our equines which they thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you, Traci and Nicky!

And then a morning assisting our Vet Dr Charles with a very unusual wound to be stitched. As we work together on Unit geldings, he wanted us merely to assist with the belaying of legs the horses legs while the horse was ‘down’. Done. Most interesting case.

Carla and Jessie vaccinated all our horses against AHS. Nothing worse than having your own baby affected by AHS.

An astounding R430 was released from its Collection Tin from FEED AND SEED. Fabulous!

A special request from a resident of Hankey for assistance with the donkeys there meant Carla, Jessie and Tom visited the area. They found the donkeys were acceptable but their wire bits were removed from circulation and replaced with proper donkey bits. The donkeys were dewormed, probably for the first time in their lives. Other donkey owners will be invited to come to the next visit in July. Well done, Mrs Rheeder, for getting the bit between your teeth and caring about them!

The donkey that had been admitted for dog bites has recovered and has been returned to his township owner.

One of our regular Nobuhle owners phoned about his donkey with a ‘bad leg’. He apparently been hit by a vehicle. After a period of observation, he, the donkey, was humanely put to sleep.

 Our SALLY SURPRISE delivered to her new home and doting parent. Go well, girlie!

A generous donation from Boehringer of Flu Vaccinations for our horses awaiting Adoption. Thank you SO much.

On the Youth Day Public Holiday, Stanley rounded up all the grooms and we headed off to Humansdorp to see if we could catch the stray horse that we have been hounded about. She is not in the road, and we find her standing on the verge outside of a building, gazing at herself in the windows. Despite having all the grooms and Stanley yelling instructions, she saw the grooms and just took off, back into the bush!! Despite driving through the Tip trying to find her in amongst all the alien vegetation, we had NO luck. We even discussed it with the Traffic Police who were busy with a Road Block, explaining our problem. It is just so sad that thanks to juvenile offenders stealing her, riding her very hard, that she has lost her faith in humankind and refuses to be caught by people who would take care of her. Not sure where this is going but we will see but what a way to spend a Public Holiday. Relevant compensation given to grooms! They deserved it!

A grateful owner was advised that a Complaint had been received about her ponies being on the road. She managed to get them back where they belong.

Our magnificent MISSISSIPPI QUEEN delivered to her new home. All good!

A horse owner from upcountry contacted Stanley because his horse was not eating. Well, Stanley and two grooms took off with the horsebox to bring it in. They were all shocked when confronted with the horse. She was not in good condition, and ALL FOUR HOOVES were slipper foot, and she was covered in ticks. She had also slipped a foal, probably due to the extreme pain she was in. She was also aged. NO wonder she was not eating. She was removed from the scene and euthanased in due course.

We give a lot of thought before euthanasing any horse or donkey. But this case was seriously serious. Comments came thick and fast on Facebook, but we explained that this was the only solution to the problem. You could cut the hooves back, but only two (front or back) at a time. The rest of the time, she would still be very lame and in pain. And painkillers are not going to ‘cut the mustard’ for months while she is being worked on But the potential for 4 rotated pedal bones was a distinct possibility and a nightmare of great proportion.

A Complaint was received about a ‘very thin horse’ that was allegedly not being fed any food. But the horse died overnight before we could even set up an appointment with the owner.

A request to collect a preggy donkey for maternity care was received. At the same time to collect a donkey with two bad stab wounds, one on the neck and one on the leg. All settled in nicely.

Two township residents came into the office to ask Stanley for two harnesses for ploughing.

On the last weekend of June, we received a fantastic donation of Spurwing feed from Cat Box Pet Hyper. Sjoe! Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!

GRASS ROOF – donated 2 teff rolls via Antoinette

James – delivered donation Carrots

WAIKATO – 12 bales of lucerne and teff mix

Anonymous - Donation - One teff roll from Antoinette

Mandy and Maureen – donated tack

9th AVENUE VET CLINIC – Donation Fly spray , Sweet itch spray, Mane and tail shine and tick Grease.

Maxine – Donated 3 x bags lucerne

Anne – Donated tack via 9TH AVENUE VET CLINIG

BAY WEST VET – Donated tapeworm dewormer

Ray and Robyn - Donated pillows for auction

VOLUNTEERS - Jade and Jasmine, Caitlen and Selma , Chantell and Sachkia, Amy and Leeann, Jenna and Kaylin, Eugene, Hildergard and Angie