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May '19

Today, we celebrate the 13th ‘birthday’ of the Unit, It has been a stupendous ride, sometimes good, sometimes bad, depending on what is going on. We admit that when we view our Database, computerized files for each individual with equines of whatever sort, many of them with more than 1 horse or 1 donkey, we have 1215 files!! I clearly remember being told quite angrily that PE does not need a Horse Care Unit. Boy, was he wrong!! as we have found out since 2006. Some are for adoptions of our Thoroughbreds and some for surrenders of equines, but in the main Complaints filed by people who see things they do not like that leads to us getting the phonecall and then investigating the story behind the story. I know that we have made a difference, sometimes small, sometimes big, in the lives of many people and their equids. Nothing is possible without money, but with generous donations of fodder, money, cubes and of course, carrots (that have brought many ‘ick’ donkeys ‘around’) we have made it thus far.

SO, this being a Saturday, we will be having a birthday celebration at the Unit from 9am to 1pm. We will have cake and coffee at the Unit at a cost of R15,00 per head. There will also be a lucky draw with some delightful items included. So, please do join us!

And a big Thank You to Kate who designed the birthday poster for the fb page. AWESOME!

At the same time, we have grown as far as staff and equipment is concerned, so we need to say a BIG Thank You to COMPUTER BITS AND PIECES, 6TH Avenue, Walmer, for always helping us to get a new email address and internet connection. For future reference, our new email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Yes, yes, yes. Although the ‘old’ address is still working, it means that I do not have to wake up with the sparrows at 5am every morning to get work related emails.

We started the month with delivering our RED SCENT to her new home.

A Complaint received of a horse on a dangerous road in Humansdorp. We checked and found her owner who was having great difficulty in catching her and bringing her in. The owner was instructed to let us know when she was in hand when we would collect her and bring her in. However, as so often happens, she ‘disappeared’! As she was presumed to be pregnant, she is probably ‘hiding’. We, unfortunately, are unable to travel an hour and go and sit in the bakkie and then try and catch her!!

Stanley assisted with 7 donkeys having their dentistry appointment. Generous donation received. Thank you Geoff!

Assisting with a horse wound on the leg had Carla doing what she does best with Miracle Foam. And collecting a donation of fodder from somebody else on the way home! Healed well! We do try so hard to do more than one thing when out and about!

Carla also assisted Donovan the dentist with a horse that had very sharp teeth, but had improved greatly once put on Coolstance. Another Complaint dealt with and sorted.

At long last, our STAR and DUIKER were delivered to their new very scenic home. They have been waiting for about two years for this, so we are very happy!

Another Complaint about a grey horse with ‘blood running down its face’. On checking with the owner, we were told that it was tick grease on the poll that had melted! Looked pretty nasty!

We were sent a photograph by the Adoptor of our BIG HITTER, way back in 2010. Awesome looking fellow, even in his twilight years.

A stunning donation of 30 grass bales was collected. SO happy to receive! Thank you, Michelle!

The Animal Welfare Society delivered a large donation of carrots by Dr Mwamba.

Douglas from Jo Slovo township was advised that his jenny who had come in for a stab wound to the abdomen, would not be a good working animal due to the Vet’s confirmation that she had a hernia of her stomach lining which had occurred during her foaling down. He was sad about it, but there is nothing for us to do to fix it! So an arrangement has been made with him.

A regular Complaint received of three horses on Draaifontein Road received which was immediately sent on to the owner/livery manager to please get them into her property. Again!

Our PIN UP FOLD was delivered to her Adoptor, and while on the premises a recheck done on one of our other adopted out horses.

Gas Connection - A stunning R350 into the Bank Account from a Collection Tin. Thank you, Gavin!

Some days start well and some do not. A phone-call from AWS that a donkey had been knocked down on Victoria Drive. So you know what you are going to be doing when you get to work. Poor Blackie who was on his way to us from Airport Valley with his friend, and had been slammed by a truck and had died immediately. The remaining donkey was admitted in time for breakfast but when we advised Moses what had happened, he was very upset. RIP Blackie!

A further Complaint received about a horse and donkey still in their stables at mid morning. A quick phone call to the owner saw them released into their camp.

 A Complaint of three donkeys stray on the Addo road was received from a motorist. A simple phonecall to the owner, Themba, who got them off the road and was very very thankful for the ‘heads up’ because he had been with them earlier in the morning and somehow they had got loose.

A post mortem assistance rendered for a horse that had been euthanased took ALL the staff’s muscles and time out of the office to get the carcass into the horsebox and to his final resting place.

A request for assistance from one of the Carties in northern PE for his donkey who had been attacked by dogs. Admitted for treatment.

Some housekeeping to clear away the Gum tree branches that were ‘hiding’ the building from the security cameras at AWS.


Glynes – donated tack plus saddle

Steven – donated 15 bales fodder

Dorrie – donated bag of tack

9th Avenue – donated fly repellent

The Animal Welfare Society sent Dr Mwamba with a large donation of carrots that they had received

John - donated tack

Zahn - Tack donation from Plett

6 bales lucerne donated left in front of gate

Nettie –donated a Round of teff

Treloar - donation of tack

Nadia - Tack donation

Angie – donated two large bags of carrots

FEED AND SEED – Donated bags of race horse cubes

Volunteers – NMMU students brushed horses and grazed

Philippa – and son Chelso grooming etc.

Angie – elbow grease!

Well, that’s about it for May, so come on June! Lets see what you have got awaiting us!!

Contact Details:

Cellphone 072 357 2505,

landline 041 3661594.

Bank Account: Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit, Standard Bank 080733875.

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.